Past Events – 2015 January – Seminar Gold Tree Martial Arts

Gold Tree Martial Arts Open Black Belt Seminar

Saturday  –  January 17th 2015


 Kelly Recreational Center – 404 Imperial Blvd., Lakeland Florida 33803


  • One day intense Black and Brown Belt level training
  • Four (4) world class instructors
  • Double 1.5 hour session, students can attend all instructors or double up with same instructor
  • Foundational theory & practical application
  • All styles are encouraged to attend
  • Limited to 60 participants – Register early!
  • This event is not for low colored belt levels
  • Minimum age 16 – must have parental release
  • Open mat time for networking
  • Easy interstate access  – (toll road)  ($.75 from West – $3.75 from East)
  • Please wear some form of a martial arts or training uniform

We as the organizers understand that some styles don’t maintain belt ranking, that is ok.
If your skill level is at the Black or Brown belt level then come join us.




Phil Peplinski Gold Tree Black Belt Seminar

Phil Peplinski 9 dan

Owner and Head Instructor of US Taekwondo-Hapkido Martial Arts and Combatives school. Seffner, FL.

Class: “Edged Weapon and Firearm Disarms”



Dr Jerome Barber

Dr. Jerome Barber

Grand Master, Datu, Principal Teacher at Independent Escrima-Kenpo-Arnis Associates Buffalo/Niagara, New York

Class: “Blunt weapon strikes, counters, and disarms”



Grace Haeusler  Uechi Ryu Okinawan KarateGrace Haeusler 4 dan

Uechi Ryu Okinawan Karate. Accredited School with the World Uechi Ryu Karate Do & Kobudo Organization (Wukko). Largo, Florida

Class: “Yin/Yang approach to Kumite and Sanchin Kata”

Grace Haeusler has been involved in many tournaments since her first tournament in 1996 as a yellow belt and Won Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite at the Miyagi Karate do Invitational Championship in Miami Florida, she has competed in many tournaments winning trophies and medaling in every tournament she has entered, the most recent being: ~

06/2014 Two Gold Medals in Kumite, and One Gold Medal in Kata at the 5th Uechi Ryu World Cup in Miami, Florida.

06/2012 Gold in Kumite, and Silver in Kata at the 4th Uechi Ryu World Cup in Buenos Aires Argentina

04/2011 Silver in Kata at the Chujun Miyagi Cup in Miami, Florida

04/2010 Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite at the AAU Regional Karate Championship in New Port Richey Fl 30 year old and up division.

10/2010 Silver Medal in Kumite at the Katsu Challenge in Gainesville Fl 30 year old and up division

10/2009 Gold medal in Kata, and Bronze Medal in Kumite at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Martial Arts Festival, Classical Okinawan Karate Divisions.

06/2009 Silver medal in Kumite (sparring) at Uechi Ryu World Cup (URWC) Clearwater, Florida.

03/2009 Silver Medal in Kumite at the Katsu Challenge Gainesville, Florida.

10/2008 Grand Champion in Kata at the Disney Wide World of Sports Orlando, Florida. 18 year old and up Division.

10/2007 3 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals and 1 bronze Medal for Kata and Kumite at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. 18 year old and up Division

2007 2 Silver Medals in Kumite,and Kata at the Uechi Ryu World Cup for Peace in Alberta, Canada.

2005 2 Gold Medals in Kata at Uehci Ryu World Cup, and the Open WOKSF – IKA Support Championship, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


John Wilkerson 3 dan

John Wilkerson Hapkido Gold Tree Martial ArtsOwner and  senior instructor for Gold Tree Martial Arts and event host for this seminar. Lakeland, FL.

Class: “Movement theory for added control and striking options with full takedowns and throws”