Mr. Wilkerson is available for seminars and workshops. He has several preformatted courses he can lead or a custom program can be developed for your school.

He has many years experience teaching both men and women and likes to focus his courses on the foundational theory best practices for accomplishing techniques. Classes are not focused on how to sweat and get exercise but instead provide an opportunity to learn and dig deep into the how and why certain techniques work.

Teaching is approached from the use less energy and let your opponent’s energy and mistakes be your greatest assets. Of course if you can assist the opponent in making a mistake all the better.

If you are interested in setting up a seminar in your school please contact Mr. Wilkerson at:

Sampling of past workshops:

 Cane 101 – Self Defense Strategies

Cane BlockThe cane is a dynamic and easily learned defensive weapon than can be carried in society without causing alarm. This  workshop will cover several basic strikes and blocks for defensive cane use.

The student should expect to practice 6 to 10 striking techniques and defense blocks. And several locks/takedowns will be included so the student can also see how the cane can be used for opponent control.

Cane ChokeIf you have never worked with the cane and experienced the raw striking power a short piece of wood can deliver, you will be uniquely surprised by its versatility and ability to control a situation.

*Loaner canes can be provided



5 Throws, 5 Grabs, 5 Breaks – 3 to 4 hour course in how to break down the opponent who is to close

       Throws: full takedowns via hip, shoulder, leg, sweeps, or other means

       Grabs “Break-frees”: Evasion techniques to exit the area with minimal contact to the attacker

       Break Counters: Specific intent to damage some joint or sensitive part of the attacker’s anatomy

  • Shove
  • Hook Punch
  • Straight Punch to the Face
  • Choke Single and Double Hand Grab – from front, side, or rear
  • Stick, Chair, or Object to the head


Hapkido Overview – 4 hours, how the art works and why

  • How to Fall
  • Center Manipulation Drills
  • Understanding Body Dynamics by Looking at Simply Wrist Grabs
  • Shoulder grabs and how they move into punching block counters
  • Round Block Basics
  • Punching
  • Use blocks to move into opponent and do takedowns
  • Round blocks against multiple attackers and limited space
  • Front sweeps and tie in with back-fist for distraction
  • Round and front kick trap with sweep defense
  • Knee presses and scoop trips