Rules of the Dojang

1.      Be on time – students that must arrive late are to get themselves ready quietly on the side of the floor. Once they are ready to enter the training area they are to kneel on one knee and wait for the instructor to give them permission to enter the class.  Standing in ready position is also acceptable.

2.      Students do not leave and reenter the training area once class has started without the instructor’s permission. This is to ensure everyone’s safety as well as maintain a level of respect within the class.

3.      No jewelry is to be worn within the training area. A simple wedding band may be worn but it is not recommended. Necklaces pose several safety concerns and need to be left in your bag. Eye glasses may be worn at your discretion, but they will become broken given time. You also run the risk of eye injury.

4.      Hygiene – Hapkido is a very a hands on martial art. We will be touching each other throughout the class. Keeping your body and uniform clean is extremely important. Finger and toe nails need to be kept trimmed and clean. Good hygiene helps prevent injury and keep others from getting sick. Excessive body odor is distractive and invasive to other students, if you need to bathe before class then please do so. Hand sanitizer is provided, please use it before class.

5.      When entering the training floor, the student will bow to the front of the class (flags if they are present) and then bow to the instructor. Upon leaving the training area, the student will bow to the instructor and then the front (flags).

6.      No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the training area.

7.      Mats and other equipment are to be setup prior to each class and returned to their storage area at the end of each class. The instructor will inform you how the mats and equipment will be arranged. All students are expected to participate.

8.      No shoes on the training floor.

9.      Long hair should be worn up and out of the way.

10.    Men are required to wear an athletic cup during the entire class. Sparring class requires a mouth guard as well.

11.   The instructor(s) are referred to as  Sir/Miss or Mr./Ms