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The Business Stuff

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This Hapkido club is sponsored by John Wilkerson. He has made arrangement with Kelly Recreational Center for room rental. Payment is expected to be paid to Kelly Rec. prior to each class or by purchase of a single month prepaid pass. Every month the Hapkido Club reconciles its attendance records with Kelly Recs. Students found to not be paying their class dues will be dropped from the program.

Release of Liability:

Kelly Recreational Center requires a Release of Liability before use of their facility. This document must be signed and on file prior to attending class. Kelly Rec. will provide you with this form at your first time to register or use of their facility.

Release of Image use:

The Hapkido Club requires a signature release for the use of images. This will allow the club to post images and videos within its web pages and advertising. This form is given out to each new student at their first class.


Taking a martial arts class is completely voluntary. The instructor spends a lot of time organizing and running class. If you are going to miss a class please be courteous and inform the instructor. Email or text is acceptable.DSC_0162

Self Practice:

All students are encouraged to attend every class possible. Hapkido is as much training your body to perform physical skills as is mental training. Being class is only taught one night per week. It is highly recommended for students to practice on their own two or three days outside of the studio.

This form of training does not have to be for long periods of time. Just spending 30 minutes per day working through your skills will allow the material to always remain fresh in your mind. In order to be effective in testing and belt progression, a student should expect to spend at minimum two to three hours per week outside of class practicing. Of course if you spend more time your rewards and skills will be greatly improved.


All students are highly encouraged to keep a training notebook.


There is no set schedule for testing. The student is notified a few weeks before they are due to test by the senior instructor.

A typical student will spend about six (6) months between belt test. This time in grade will vary depending upon the individuals efforts in learning the necessary new material.

There is no testing fee for colored belts.

Testing and skills mastery is each student’s personal responsibility.

It is possible for some students to test while some students do not.

Testing is based upon an individual’s mastery of the necessary material and regular attendance to class.

Each student is given a testing sheet for the belt rank they are presently pursuing.

If the student fails all or part of the pursued testing section, they will be informed of the deficiency along with comments for improvement.

If the student passes all or part of the desired testing section they will be informed of the achievement and the test sheet section will be signed by the senior instructor.

When testing within their present rank, the student will most likely be required to re-demonstrate already accomplished skills.

The club does maintain a master list of all students last full belt rank.

Black Belt test are completely cumulative across all ranks and the student will be required to submit to a formal testing review board once they have completed the necessary requirements. A fee may be required for the black belt formal review board testing.

**It is highly recommended that all students maintain a training notebook for keeping working copies of their training test sheets

**The ability to use correct Korean terminology for specific actions while in class and during testing is expected. Students are also expected to be able to verbally or through written word answer concept questions as part of testing (Korean not necessary for this portion).

Student Uniforms

All students Yellow Belt and higher must wear an approved school uniform.

The uniform is defined as follows:

  • All black martial arts uniform with school patch
  • All black martial arts long training pants and a school logoed T shirt
  • All black martial arts long training pants and a plain black T shirt

**School  T shirts and Patches may be purchased from the instructor.

**Martial Arts Uniform pants and tops may be obtained from the student’s choice of vendors. Please be aware that the uniforms must be plain without embellishment or other school logos. Black top and Black bottoms

Prior to obtaining the Yellow Belt, students may wear long athletic pants and a T shirt. Color is not important but must not be offensive in appearance or decoration. The instructor has final say in what is offensive. Tank tops, sleeveless muscle shirts, or spaghetti strap shirts are not to be worn.

Minor Age Students:

The minimum age for students falls between 12 and 16 depending upon maturity. In the event that the potential student is not mature enough to participate in the class, the instructor will inform the parent or guardian.

It is possible for a minor to test for a black belt prior to their 18th birthday. In this event ,the student may be awarded a “poom” or junior level black belt. This poom level belt and certificate indicate the student is below the age 18 at time of certificate awarding. In the event the student wishes to recertify as an adult black belt once reaching 18 years of age they may do so by contacting the instructor and discussing the details.

Poom level black belts are not awarded below the age of 16.

All students learn the same skills and techniques. No differentiation is made between minor and adult students. “There is no childrens only program”