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January Gold Tree Seminar

Gold Tree Edged Weapon Seminar

 January 20, 2018

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All Skill Levels Invited


Kelly Recreational Center – 404 Imperial Blvd., Lakeland Florida 33803


Registration is open – online and mail-in


$80 – online registration or cash at the door


  • One day intense Knife and Blade training
  • Four (4) world class instructors
  • Practical application
  • All marital and combative styles are encouraged to attend
  • Limited to 50 participants – Register early
  • All level of students encouraged to attend
  • Minimum age 16 – must have parental release, see registration forms
  • Open mat time for networking
  • Easy interstate access  – (toll road)  ($.75 from West – $3.75 from East) ‘SunPass’
  • Please wear Long Pants and comfortable shirt, athletic shoes permitted – NO TANK TOPS OR OPEN ARMPITS
  • Lunch Provided – on site
  • All attendees receive free training knife courtesy of Bruise Labs -$20 value


  • Doors Open 8:15 a.m.
  • Group Meeting 8:45
  • First Class 9:00
  • Off Site 5:30



Dave Jones Training Director CQB Kajukenbo Club near St. Louis, Missouri.

Dave Jones Gold Tree Knife Seminar

Dave has been teaching and coaching for almost 30 years. He holds instructor level ranks and credentials in several different martial arts and self defense systems. While he was fortunate to study under some of the best instructors in the world in his youth, Dave Jones would often rather train along with the students at a seminar instead of sitting passively on the sidelines.

Perhaps it is because he is from Missouri the Show Me State, Dave strongly believes in ‘Pressure Testing’ techniques and tactics. The phrase made popular by Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is one of Dave’s favorites.  In fact, Dave has said for nearly three decades, he trains “martial science, not martial arts.”

Dave Jones teaches Self Defense, Combatives and Defensive Tactics all with Kajukenbo ‘America’s First Mixed Martial Art’ at its core. Kajukenbo is a hybrid self defense system which was developed in Hawaii after World War II, and Dave is the Midwest regional instructor for the Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana which was created to honor and continue the legacy of the last living Kajukenbo Founder, ‘Uncle’ Frank Ordonez.

Dave has also coached several champion fighters in MMA, submission grappling and kickboxing, all with Kajukenbo training principles.”

6th Degree Black Belt, Kajukenbo Self-Defense February 2014
4th Degree Black Belt, Hawaiian Kenpo JuJutsu May 2009
Bushido Kempo, 2nd Degree (Nidan) May 2001
Personal Defensive Tactics (PDT) Instructor Trainer November 2000
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers K.S.D.I. Black Belt Society
PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense System
Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission O.C. Certification

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AAron Chappell – Pencak Silat Pertempuran – Vulture Tactical – Bruise Labs

Aaron Chappell Gold Tree Knife Seminar

Aaron Chappell’s training follows knife and edged weapons skills from Pencak Silat Pertempuran. He trains with the Multi-Dimensional Warriors organization based out of South Africa. His instruction is heavily focused on tool use: be it knife, machete, or firearm.

Aaron began organizing seminars in 2009. “Once I realized the martial culture I wanted didn’t exist in the Tampa area at that time, we set out to fill the void. We’ve brought instructors from Stateside and Foreign Countries to function as subject matter experts for various areas of interest.”

On a weekly basis, Aaron teaches a small, invite only class. They focus on martial development for the participants without adhering to one style. The classes deal out hard contact and pressure testing techniques; to which the course is capable of taking a new student from zero learning to capable self defense in a matter of months.

“We do anti-carjacking as well as ‘fighting around vehicles’ scenario classes’ both for alumni that have taken outside instructor’s classes and our guys who are just concerned about self defense around cars. In these classes, we focus on positioning, tool access, awareness, and extracting from the vehicle or the situation as is context appropriate.”

Aaron along with his partner Roy Pinson from Bruise Labs are this year’s sponsor. After meeting an instructor from South Africa at a training event, they set about reverse engineering a training knife used in the course. They have graciously donated a training blade to every participant of this year’s Gold Tree seminar.


Anthony ‘Tony’ Laughlin – LEO Narcotics SWAT Retired – Reeders Kuntao

Anthony Tony Laughlin Gold Tree Knife Seminar

The Reeders Kuntao system, is a sophisticated from of fighting which focuses on close range technique. It is based firmly in an objective approach, based on the principles of physics, anatomy and psychology. All strikes and movements must be performed explosively to cause maximum damage and minimize any advantage an opponent may have. Because of the explosive, continuous and fluid movement, an opponent will often be reacting to strikes that have already been delivered.

Kuntao only studies such weapons in terms of learning to combat them. All movements are learned as they would be used against a man with a weapon or an animal attack.

In Kuntao is to have an animistic mental attitude geared towards taking a hit while striking at the same time. It is described as applying sever blows to enemies’ anatomical center points whereas blocks are strikes and strikes are blocks with the energy emanating from the curling and uncurling of the spine “Faj ing”

The primary purpose of Kuntao is always self-preservation. No conscious effort is made to make orthodox Kuntao a system of physical education or sport. Kuntao’s technical fundamentals deal with the sole use of one’s entire body as a total weapon as opposed to other systems use of knive, club, spear, etc.

Chinese Kun-Tao is little known in the West. Those who see it for the first time may try to make a rough comparison of it to a general kung-fu or karate style. It is in fact a specific style concerned with the spiritual and its mental counterparts that rest in true life experiences that become apparent through careful study of its intentions.

Anthony was a Law Enforcement Office for 18 years:

Patrol, FTO, Narcotics, TAC, SWAT/Sniper, Vice, and then Community Policing

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Ed Closner – Guardian Combatives – Libre Knife Fighting System – Krav Maga

Ed Closner Gold Tree Knife SeminarLibre knife fighting is the brain child of founder Scott Babb. Scott took his experiences in the martial and bladed arts, and put together a system of simple, effective close quarters knife tactics.

Ed is the Southeast Regional Director for Libre Fighting and has been a direct student of Scott’s since 2012.

Ed follows a simple rule of thumb – Keep it simple stupid.. His background spans the gamut of both traditional and reality based systems of self defense (for both armed and unarmed). Ranging from Tang Soo Do / Moo Duk Kwan, to Wah Lum Praying Mantis (under the direct tutelage of Pui Chan), to the Bujinkan organization, and finally to Krav Maga, where he has spent the last 10 years under Graduate 5 level Brian Peters. Ed was also lucky enough to have spent time with senior Israeli instructors Ravid Shimko, Eyal Yanilov, Ze’ev Cohen, and Pavel Shreer.

Ed is also an NRA certified instructor and has continued his training under various companies including krypteia strategies and bushido tactical.

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John Wilkerson – Event Host

Owner Senior Instructor – Gold Tree Martial Arts – Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Karate – Lakeland FL.

Hapkido Training John WilkersonMr. Wilkerson began his training in Tae Kwon Do in 1983 and Hapkido in 1996. He has also explored the arts of Eskrima, Shorin Karate, Aikido, and Fencing (foil and saber). He considers Hapkido his base style and has taught seminars and private lessons throughout Florida.

He spent several years enjoying full contact stick fighting and transfers those lessons of how to strike with power and speed to his teachings. Mr. Wilkerson is a foundational theory instructor and teaches from the ground up when presenting technique.

He is a multiple times recipient of Hapkido Instructor of the Year for the World Martial Arts Federation.



Register Here

 Registration is open online and mail-in

Kelly Recreational Center – 404 Imperial Blvd., Lakeland Florida 33803