Saturday June 20 Guest Instructor

Master Instructor David Braungart will be teaching practical hands on class in how to break down and throw down your opponent in a face to face altercation. No sissy dojo stuff, just plain simple how to win and break a few fingers or elbows in the process. The class will be taught in a fully padded floor dojo. No shoes.

Saturday June 20th 1:00 to 4:00

I met Mr. Braungart a couple of years ago through mutual training friends. He is always the uke when it comes time to demonstrate techniques and has a pure desire to approach his arts with gusto and technical refinement.

He represents the next generation of teachers, the ones who did the after school programs and grew up in the arts. Not the ones who just attended but instead immersed themselves in the realities of the arts and have embraced the core beliefs of practice, practice, practice. He now has 20 years in Tae Kwon Do and 10 years in Hapkido; with a strong Aikido background thrown in for flow and precision execution.

You don’t want to miss this class. Mr. Braungart brings the robust power and technical skills as only someone who has spent all his life training.

Cost $15 at the door. – This room has a rental fee and must be covered even if no one shows. Please don’t promise to attend and then pull a no show.

This is our first Meetup at this location and is Lakeland Florida. We are working hard to increase the area size the Meetup group schedules training classes for. Over the years several members have driven from Tampa and Lakeland to attend Orlando classes. Please seriously consider leaving your comfort zone and make the short drive to Lakeland. You wonā€™t regret the commitment.

Kelly Rec. requires a Liability Waiver. They will be provided at the door.

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